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How to sign up

Signing up for askCUE PI is quick and easy.

You will need to register on the MIB Services registration portal and provide a nominated administrator who will act as the primary contact for your company and will be responsible for managing subscription renewals.

Where to register

Register for an askCUE PI subscription on the MIB Services registration portal here.

How to get ready

  1. Make sure your organisation is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and that you appear on the ICO register.
  2. Make sure you have identified an organisation administrator to nominate as your primary contact.  
  3. Decide the following:

a) The registration level appropriate for your organisation

Solicitors can register with the MIB Services registration portal in one of two ways:

  • Option 1 - One registered account which covers all office locations under a single askCUE PI subscription.
  • Option 2 - Have separate registered accounts for each office location with each one having its own askCUE PI subscription.

The benefit of option 1 is that you are paying a single service subscription fee regardless of the number of offices using the service.

If we identify a breach of the User Agreement terms then all offices covered by the subscription will potentially be impacted, particularly if a decision is made to suspend an organisation’s access, in which circumstance all users will be unable to make an enquiry.

b) The subscription level appropriate for your organisation

There are two different subscription levels for the askCUE PI service, each one lasts for 12 months. Prior to the expiry of a subscription you will be invited to renew and continue the askCUE PI service.  

The two subscription methods are:

  • A subscription which will allow you to make an unlimited number of enquiries during the 12 month period. This costs £285 including VAT.
  • A subscription which has a set enquiry usage and will allow the registered organisation to make 12 enquiries during the 12 month subscription period. This subscription is free of charge.

What happens when you sign up?

Once you have signed up, your administrator will receive an email notification which includes a link to the registration form which needs to be completed and include the following information:

Once your registration has been approved, your administrator will receive an email notification asking them to select their chosen subscription fee for the service. Once a subscription fee has been paid, your administrator will be able to set up users in your organisation and start making askCUE PI enquiries.